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Want to put your business on the map? Pro-Active Lending’s SBA loans in Nashville, TN, are ready to provide you with the capital to do so! Want to know more? Read now.

Small business owners prefer SBA loans because of their low rates and lengthy terms. An SBA loan is easier for a small business to qualify for than a conventional loan, but you must submit extensive financial documentation as part of the application process. The kind of SBA loan you apply for will determine how much you can borrow. 

For instance, the maximum amount of an SBA microloan is $50,000, while the maximum amount of a 7(a) loan is $5 million. As a result, there are numerous aspects of SBA loan options in Nashville, TN, but you must be experienced. However, with so much legal mayhem, experienced SBA lenders like Pro-Active Lending in Nashville, TN, can help you quickly get the loan. Read on to learn more.

SBA Lenders Loans in Nashville, TN

You have a better chance of obtaining an SBA loan than a regular loan, depending on the state of the economy and the overall world. For instance, SBA disaster assistance loans are intended to save small businesses affected by crises in those areas. Lenders in the area can work with business owners to get the financing they require. Pro-active Lending has extensive expertise in providing it all, from long-term or permanent financing to particular parts of business ventures, in part because of the many SBA loan options. You may find these loans to be the best option if you’re looking for:

  • Commercial and Industrial Real Estate: Purchase or refinance lodging facilities, gas stations, car dealerships, dining establishments, one-use structures, non-conforming properties, etc.
  • Existing Business Acquisition Loans: Up to 15-year terms, 80% financing, fully amortized loans up to $1.25 million annually, and absolutely no prepayment penalties.
  • Equipment Financing: access to transportation services, manufacturing tools, industrial printing, and more.
  • Up to $5 Million in Loans: Flexible terms up to 90% financing are available, along with options for fixed and variable rates, no prepayment fees, and free pre-qualification letters.

How To Raise Money for The Down Payment on An SBA Loan?

SBA lenders in Nashville, TN, frequently demand down payments for business loans because they want the entrepreneur to have “skin in the game.” You can use your savings to pay the down payment if you have sufficient cash on hand. However, your down payment might be higher than you anticipated.

Sometimes, asking an investor to cover the down payment may be successful. High-net-worth individuals who invest in startups are known as “angel investors.” You can arrange for the angel investor to pay the down payment rather than the entire loan amount. Some angel investors might agree to purchase a portion of your business in exchange. If your company is already up and running, look for ways to reduce expenses. Working with independent contractors, for instance, can be less expensive than having a full-time employee who also receives compensation and benefits.

Pro-active Lending: The Preferred SBA Lenders in Nashville, TN

Nashville has won praise for its general friendliness toward small businesses and simplicity of business establishment. Local architect Ryan Thewes claims, “From a business perspective, it is very appealing due to the low cost of living and lack of state income tax.” Customers with solid projects and financials behind their proposals can easily find an SBA loan option in Nashville, TN, with the aid of Pro-Active Lending. We are dedicated to assisting the expansion and improvement of small businesses in America as a preferred SBA lender and active participant in SBA loan programs.

Nashville has received high marks for its overall friendliness towards small business and ease of starting a business. Ryan Thewes, a local architect, says, “The low cost of living and no state income tax makes it very appealing from a business perspective”.

Pro-Active Lending can help those customers who have a good project and good financials behind their proposal, to find a good SBA Loan for the Nashville area. SBA loans are appealing to lenders, especially these days, because they are guaranteed by the United States Government’s Small
Business Administration, and the lender only has to guarantee a small portion of the loan while the government handles the rest. A Nashville SBA Loan could be a very good option for you, so contact our office as soon as you can to discover your options.



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