Our Commercial and Investment Loans are designed around your needs and not the other way around. Private Money Loans have to be flexible to make them different from traditional banks. We are able to take advantage of our in house programs and all the benefits of long relationships with the country’s top, private investors, and apply these aggressively to your project. Call us with your loan scenario and let’s get started!

70% of our clientele are hard-working people with good credit and financial standing…and they are following the American dream!  They are business owners that have been through a hard time, as have we all. Many did not survive, and those that did are looking for a way to bounce back without a bailout from the government. The last recession brought on many new restrictions (Dodd and Franks), and getting past those and  FDIC requirements takes a certain amount of work in order to get qualified.

Many banking systems required bailouts and emerged from the recession with tarnished reputations and new restrictions that should have put them out of business. These restrictions have greatly tightened up their lending ability. Our Hard/Soft Private money programs make things happen when they say ‘no’. Use our money to get you where you and your business need to be, so the banks can welcome you back with open-arms (after we remove all of the risk)!

The terms of private money loans have gotten better over the years, showing that these loans are working, and investors feel that putting money back into our communities is the best investment around. We receive referrals from banks and credit unions all over the country, and they want to help their customers, but restrictions tie their hands until the risk level has been lowered.

We and our investors make a profit for taking the risk no one else will take (not even the bank you have known for 20 years or more), but our loans are safe for the borrower and the investors, and there is always  room for the unexpected. And in the event something happens with your situation, the property will take care of the note!

We can now offer private money loans for up to 30 years and in some cases fix the whole term. We do not purchase property, and have no desire to own property…it’s not our business. However, our money is there for you to use to invest in your project and to pay off as soon as you can, allowing us to repeat the process for the next dreamers. Most of our loans are for two to three years. At this point, the business and the business owners have solved problems that were holding them back from traditional lending and are welcome back by their prior banks or institutions, and are back to enjoying the new low rates that are available in this positive market.

Our programs range from 6 months to 30 years so you will have the time you need to grow. Our no pre-payment penalty programs make it easy to pay off the loan early if things turn around faster than planned. Also, our cash-out programs make updating your property fast and easy, and we have a purchase program that makes your next investment possible now, while the business climate is good!

If you were close on a loan before, don’t give up…try again! There’s new money coming in every day!

Call with your commercial loan scenario and see what Proactive Lending can do with you and your project!